Generally speaking, automotive restoration projects involve old vehicles that have lived well-used lives. Sometimes they still move, and occasionally, you'll find more parts in the boot than on the car itself. But the Bugatti lifestyle is very different from the norm, as seen with the two Veyron restoration projects featured here.

In this case, old dates back to 2006 for the Veyron coupe. Having debuted in 2005, it's one of the early models Bugatti sold, and it's joined by a 2009 Grand Sport that was among the first batch delivered to customers. Both cars are owned by the same individual and come from a "revered international collection based in the United Arab Emirates." Apparently, simply getting these two hypercars to Bugatti for restoration was a three-year process.

Gallery: Veyrons Restored By Bugatti La Maison Pur Sang

What kind of restoration is required on cars less than 20 years old that are presumably stored in a heated facility? That's where Bugatti La Maison Pur Sang comes into play. It's Bugatti's in-house resto team, and in this instance, restoration means thorough inspections, maintenance, and aesthetic changes requested by the customer.

For example, the Veyron coupe received a new paint job, going from two shades of grey to a blue-black two-tone. To better match the outside, the interior was redressed from a lighter shade of brown (Cognac) to a darker shade (Havanna). According to Bugatti, this was done to give the car a "more contemporary configuration." Meanwhile, the Veyron Grand Sport being three years newer was more or less fine, save for the interior. The owner opted for a warmer version of light tan (Magnolia) over the previous shade of light tan (Silk).

While in the care of Bugatti La Maison Pur Sang, both cars were given an inspection with parts replaced as needed. Bugatti says the Veyron coupe was fully dismantled for its exterior and interior colour change, during which it was returned to as-new condition. In addition to the three-year planning process, both cars spent nine months at Bugatti before going back to the UAE.

Bugatti doesn't mention pricing for such a project. Considering some of the wild maintenance costs for Bugatti, we're going to take a wild guess and say it's expensive.