Bizarre and brutal winter storms brought heavy rain and snow to Southern California over the weekend. The wicked weather caused significant damage at a motorhome park near Santa Clarita due to the nearby river eroding the ground at Valencia Travel Village. The devastation caused several motorhomes and trailers to wash away.

According to KTLA 5, several motorhomes, trailers, cars, and golf carts ended up in the Santa Clarita river due to the storms that washed away portions of the park. No one was injured in the incident, with many residents evacuating before the worst occurred. Around 80 percent of the people living at the park are full-time residents. However, authorities have cordoned off a large portion of it, deeming it unsafe and putting the future of its permanent residents in question.

The storm had also washed away a nearby road, knocked out the electricity, and collapsed pipes, cutting off water to the park. Large generators helped restore power to the remaining residents on Monday, but water won’t be restored to some until later in the week. According to park resident Andy Selinger, one motorhome owner stood on the bank and watched his motorhome fall into the river during the storm, adding in his interview with KTLA 5 that it was a “sad moment.”

The hillside began to collapse on Saturday, swallowing large chunks of the ground and trees before trailers and motorhomes began falling into the river. Reports differ, but at least two motorhomes fell into the river, possibly three, with other mobile homes and various types of lawn furniture. Affected residents likely won’t get an opportunity to recover any lost belongings until later in the week when the river slows.

The storms caused all sorts of havoc across the state. Floodwaters stranded drivers and hikers, while the heavy rain triggered mudslides across the region. Harsh weather continues to hit the state this week, compounding the issues left in the wake of the weekend’s storm. For many of those affected at the park, the storms washed away their homes, and that’s devastating.