A previous-generation Renault Megane in the coupe body style had an unfortunate encounter with the safety barriers at the Jarama Circuit. The accident took place in late 2021, and while that's not exactly breaking news, what happened next is really interesting as the outcome has only now surfaced. Spanish news agency Europa Press reports the car was falsely declared stolen in January 2022 as the owner wanted to be compensated by the insurance company.

The trick actually worked since the Megane Coupe's owner eventually received €12,000 (approx. £10,500). The car was never found and everyone assumed it was indeed stolen from a street in Langreo, a municipality and town in northern Spain, in Asturias. At that point, the police and insurance company presumed the Renault was scraped for parts. However, that's not the end of the story as the theft reported to the Langreo police evolved into a full-blown investigation conducted by the Judiciary Police.

Inconsistencies in the complaint filed by the driver – the son of the policyholder - turned out to be the Achilles' heel of the insurance fraud. The attached footage released by police authorities from Spain shows what really happened to the car at the end of 2021 on the Jarama Circuit during a track day. Several videos recorded by bystanders emerged on social media following the accident.

The driver lost control of the Megane after exiting a corner at a speed well beyond his capabilities to tame the car. It collided with the side barrier before rolling over a few times, ending up with the wheels facing the sky. The black wheels and Renaultsport side graphics indicate it was a hotter RS variant, although the bad quality of the video prevents us from knowing for sure.

After making the discovery, both father and son were arrested for fraud. Aside from facing jail time, the insurance company will certainly want its money back.