A man with excellent taste in cars but a poor sense of direction ended up damaging his Alpina B3 Touring on a hiking trail in Austria. The 77-year-old German chose to blindingly trust his GPS instead of reading the road signs and listening to warnings from passers-by telling him cars were not allowed on that course. Even though the path got narrower, that didn't stop the elderly driver from advancing, up until there was no room left to squeeze into.

Images released by the fire department from Sankt Gilgen show the performance estate caught between a rock and a hard place, both literally and figuratively. The Alpina B3 Touring driver was guided by the GPS to this village located by Lake Wolfgang in the Austrian state of Salzburg in the Salzkammergut region. At 2,068 millimetres (81.4 inches), the all-wheel-drive speedy estate from Bottrop with nearly 500 bhp isn't exactly small.

Alpina B3 Touring stuck on hiking trail

The left side of the car was moderately damaged by the railing, but the driver and passengers got out of the B3 Touring safe and sound. Police arrived at the scene of the peculiar incident and subjected the adventurous man to a breathalyser test, which showed the driver did not consume any alcohol. He was fined for not obeying road signs and continued his journey after the fire brigade helped him free his stuck Alpina estate.

The funny mishap reminds us of a similar accident that occurred a couple of years ago on a narrow street in Italy when the driver of a Ferrari Roma got stuck between two old buildings. Folding the mirrors wasn't enough as the gran tourer's wide hips prevented the driver from advancing. If you haven't seen the video, we've attached it below for your viewing pleasure.