The Volkswagen Multivan T7 currently coexists with the T6 generation of the van, though the two are positioned differently on the market. The newer model is slightly smaller, better equipped, and offers electrified powertrains. It is targeted at small businesses, as well as private customers who have an active lifestyle. Now, a German tuning company optimises the bus for use by bikers, canoe enthusiasts, surfers, and outdoor fans in general.

Delta4x4 – the aftermarket specialists from Germany focused on off-road upgrades – presents the Odelzhausener, which sits wider and higher than the factory model. Thanks to specially adapted Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs, the Multivan T7 has an additional 40 millimetres of ground clearance to both axles. The vehicle rides on Loder AT #1 all-terrain tyres in 255/55 R18 size, wrapped around Hanma rims in matte black. Alternatively, there are also larger 20-inch rims.

Gallery: VW Multivan T7 by Delta4x4

The hardware improvements are complemented by an exterior kit. It includes a 76 mm thick stainless steel front bracket, available in either a body-colour or matte-black finish. There’s also a new roof rack where outdoor equipment can be loaded. Extender wheel arches cover the wider wheels, while a two-tone body paint puts the finishing touches – the roof and the upper half of the sides are black.

It’s good to see that Delta4x4 has made its project become reality. The company shared early renderings previewing its design last year and now there’s an actual working prototype. Unfortunately, the earlier version had a rollbar fitted to the front bumper with two additional headlights, though these components aren’t mentioned in the press release detailing the actual vehicle.

The best part is that Delta4x4 doesn’t only sell the upgrade as an entire kit. You can buy the components separately, which means if there’s something you don’t like from the package, you can simply skip it. The lifted suspension, for example, costs €1,399 (around £1,240 at the current exchange rates), while a set of 18-inch Hanma wheels and all-terrain tyres is another €3,911 (£3,470).