Frank Stephenson, a renowned car designer, shares his thoughts on how Text-to-Image (T2I) generators and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can shake up car design. T2I allows car designers to input a written description of their desired design, generating a fully rendered and detailed model in seconds.

Stephenson believes that AI and T2I generators are powerful tools car designers can use. The technology allows them to quickly generate and test different design ideas, giving them time to focus more on refining the details. With the ability to easily create and explore unique and innovative designs, he believes that we may see some truly groundbreaking cars hitting the market in the future.

This mindset is in line with what Audi announced recently. The German marque has announced before that it's using in-house AI technology to design wheels.

Stephenson further highlighted in the video the potential for these tools to help brands expand into new segments or to improve existing designs. For example, McLaren could quickly and easily see what a McLaren SUV crossover might look like and get feedback from consumers, without having to invest a lot of resources into actually creating a physical prototype.

However, there are also some potential downsides to relying too heavily on T2I generators. Stephenson notes that there is a risk of homogenisation of car designs if designers rely too heavily on these tools and fail to bring their own creative vision to the table. There is also a risk of job loss as the need for car designers in the future may decrease.

Despite these potential downsides, Stephenson is overall optimistic about the potential of AI and T2I generators to revolutionise the car design industry. He believes that these tools can help designers to work more efficiently and effectively, and that they will ultimately lead to the creation of more unique and innovative cars. However, he also emphasises the importance of designers bringing their own creativity and vision to the design process, rather than simply relying on these tools to do all the work for them.