ECD Automotive Design – one of the world’s largest companies focused on Land Rover and Jaguar restoration – announces it is expanding its production facility with two new production lines that are dedicated to restoring Jaguar E-Types. The first three examples of the vintage sports car that are going to be restomoded are already at the company’s Rover Dome facility just outside Orlando, Florida. These cars were sourced and imported in the United States from Belgium, Germany, and the UK.

Just like with the classic Land Rover models, the process of restoring the F-Types will be highly customised according to the specifications required by the customers. Once the desired body style is selected and the restoration work is done, the clients choose the braking system and exhaust system, and pick one of three available drivetrain options.

Gallery: Jaguar F-Types for ECD Automotive Design

“An international icon in terms of power, style, and luxury, famous names like George Harrison, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, and Sir Elton John all chose the E-Type as their preferred set of wheels,” Tom Humble, co-founder of ECD, comments. “Owning this gem today is like owning a piece of history.”

If you are looking to combine the retro look with pure modern performance, ECD offers an LT1 engine for the F-Type. Alternatively, if you want electric power, a Tesla dual-motor powertrain is also available. Last but not least, if you want to match the vintage styling with a historic Jaguar engine, there’s a 4.2-line inline mill offered for the F-Type Series 2 and a V12 for the F-Type Series 3.

Then come the aesthetics. You can go for vintage Jaguar colours such as Carmine Red and Perl Grey. You can also customise the interior with a wide selection of leathers, stitching and carpets, dash upgrades, and more. Once the design is finalised, the company creates a video with the exact specification selected by the customer.

ECD expects to have the first restored F-Type – a Tesla-powered example – completed later this year. The company already has 9 E-Types on order already and plans to build between 10 and 12 restomods per year.