Genesis has grown its lineup since Hyundai spun it into its own brand seven years ago. The GV80 was its first SUV, going on sale for the 2021 model year. The automaker is preparing to launch a coupe-like version to rival the BMW X6, and it appears that Genesis will update the regular GV80 alongside the launch of the new variant.

A new YouTube video gets up close and personal with a camouflaged GV80 test vehicle. It’s not the coupe-like variant our spy photographers captured earlier this month. While the GV80 in the video wears a vinyl wrap and cladding to distort its shape, it does not have the sloping roof of the GV80 Coupe, which is not the SUV’s official name. The GV80 in the video features a traditional-looking liftgate and boxy cargo area.

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The camouflage covers the crossover’s lower body, concealing the front and rear fascias in particular. This is where Genesis should make the bulk of its changes. The GV80 features the same headlights as the GV80 coupe, which look like they were borrowed from the G90 saloon. The lights even extend into the GV80’s front wing/fender, just like the saloon’s.

Genesis covered the SUV’s rear, hiding the design changes at the back. However, the revamped offering should receive a new bumper, tweaked taillights, and other changes to the liftgate. We don’t expect any significant changes. The GV80 Coupe will likely feature a unique liftgate and roof that adds a dash of styling at the expense of rear headroom and rear cargo space.

The GV80 is available in the UK with either a 2.5-litre four-cylinder or a 3.0-litre diesel. The GV80 in the video is a diesel. The powertrain lineup should carry over to the redesigned model with very few changes and power the GV80 Coupe, too.

We don’t know when Genesis will reveal the revamped GV80. The test vehicles were spotted wearing thick cladding, but it appears as if both examples were spied with their production bodies and lighting units installed. This makes us believe a debut is closer than expected and should happen sometime later this year.