Lamborghini won't reveal its Aventador successor until the end of March. However, leaked images on Instagram appear to preview the new supercar before we're supposed to see what it looks like. The low-quality photos don't provide much detail, but they show a car that matches the vehicles spied by our photographers and the published patent images.

The Aventador successor retains the brand's angular styling, featuring a sharp nose, large trapezoidal intakes, and the Y motif around the headlights. It has triangular headlights, which is a shape that's reflected in the bonnet as creases. The sides are equally as stylised, with thick sills and large, bisected intakes tucked behind the door. The flying buttresses are almost visible.


The car's rear looks quite familiar and long. It features a dual exhaust system poking out between the Y-shaped taillights, just like the patent images. The Instagram image also shows off the car's aggressive rear diffuser, but some details hide in the shadows. One thing that's not visible is the third brake light, which followed the roof's contour in previous spy images.

The new Lamborghini will retain a V12 engine; however, it'll be electrified. The automaker has said that the new supercar will adopt a plug-in hybrid setup, but specifics such as horsepower and electric range remain a mystery. Lamborghini plans to partially electrify its entire lineup by 2024, with a full-electric model set to debut in the decade's second half. A hybrid Huracan should debut after the Aventador successor.

Lamborghini's new supercar looks sleek, even if the poor photos don't depict it in the best light. The angles are odd, and some of the car's proportions look off, making us eager for the official debut that should provide a better, more detailed look at the vehicle.

We'll learn all about the new Lamborghini soon enough, with the automaker expected to reveal it near the end of next month. We don't know when it'll go on sale or its official name, but Aventador production has already ended, leaving the factory ready to begin building the new variant.

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