Garage 54, a YouTube channel that focuses on automotive experiments, recently conducted another one – this time, involving a Lada, its differential, and frozen water.

The idea behind this weird experiment was to see if the Lada can break free with its differential filled with frozen water. Our favourite Russian "scientists" started by draining any fluid that might be in the differential, cleaning out any residue, and then pouring water into it. The car was left outside in the cold overnight and after a few days, the team started the engine to see if it had enough power to get the car moving – simulating what could happen when a car was left outside during winter.

The team noticed that the engine didn't have enough power to move the axle and that the gearbox was doing well, but the rear differential wouldn't budge. They concluded that the engine's power went through a reduction gear, and the engine simply couldn't handle the task. The team also noted that the old fluid in the differential was in very poor condition and had turned into an emulsion, which is oil mixed with water.

At the end of the day, the team tried to free the frozen differential by using a torch to warm it up. They aimed to warm up the diff housing, the axle shafts, and the diff itself in an attempt to free the mechanism.

After a few minutes, with the torch burning at a high temperature, the team hoped that the metal had warmed up and melted the ice. After some time, the car finally moved. The team concluded that the key to freeing the differential was to warm up the diff housing, the axle shafts, and the diff itself. 

It's important to note that attempting to free a frozen differential is not recommended for inexperienced individuals and could result in damage to the vehicle and endanger the safety of people around the vehicle. This experiment was conducted in a controlled environment by professional mechanics and should not be replicated by anyone without proper knowledge and experience.