The future of BMW is about to undergo a major transformation with the arrival of the new platform, Neue Klasse. This new platform will make its debut in 2025 and will serve as the foundation for all future models produced by the Bavarian automaker. This revolutionary architecture is poised to change the brand's design, technology, and drive efficiency. 

The first Neue Klasse model is going to be a saloon, which will make its way into the segment in which the current 3-series competes in. Our unofficial rendering tries to predict what that model will look like, heavily inspired by the i Vision Dee Concept that was revealed at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2023.

One of the said solutions is the new "radiator grille." It is expected that the first Neue Klasse model will feature an even more innovative front end with slim LED headlights integrated into the grille. The shapes of the car are expected to be angular and square, with aerodynamics playing a crucial role.

Minimalism and sustainability will be at the forefront of the Neue Klasse. The cockpit will be simplified to minimise distractions while driving, and the focus will be on voice and gesture controls. BMW will also increase its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, including covers and fabrics.

Another significant change will come in the form of the battery pack. The new batteries will have a structural function for the entire body and are said to have 30 percent higher energy density and 50 percent lower production costs compared to current models. With a capacity of 75 to 150 kWh of electricity, BMW is targeting a maximum range of 621 miles. The car will also feature rear and all-wheel drive and synchronous motors that achieve an efficiency of 97 percent.

The Neue Klasse will be equipped with an 800-volt architecture that will allow for fast charging and a range of 48 km in just one minute. In terms of power, the platform will support a maximum of 1,341 bhp and up to four electric motors, making it the perfect foundation for a high-performance M.

Starting in 2025, BMW will begin production of the Neue Klasse vehicles in Debrecen, Hungary, and later at its main plant in Munich. The San Luis Potosi production facility will start production of Neue Klasse vehicles in 2027.