The beginning of the end starts in May. We're talking about the Fast and Furious movie franchise, which will soon grow to 10 films spanning a period of over 20 years. In that time, we've seen countless black Dodge Chargers do everything from pull wheelies while doing a burnout to towing bank vaults, off-roading in reverse, swinging from ropes, and occasionally, racing. Soon, you can add helicopter destruction to the list.

Yes, the first teaser trailer for Fast X is here, and at nearly four minutes long, there's much to digest. As expected, it's filled with all kinds of black Dodge Chargers and mentions of family, but it's oddly down-to-earth compared to previous Fast films with fleets of autonomous death cars and Pontiac Fieros flying to space. That's not to say backing out of a cargo plane in flight to smash baddies is rooted in reality. But in the context of Fast and Furious, this trailer suggests the new film won't be quite as nonsensical.

Fast X Trailer
Fast X Trailer

Here's what we know about the new flic. Jason Momoa plays Dante, the main bad guy out to destroy Dominic Toretto (reprised by Vin Diesel) and his family, and it's personal. That's because Dante's father was Hernan Reyes, the baddie from way back in Fast Five who died at the hands of Toretto and company as they pulled their big bank heist in Rio De Janeiro. Apparently, this vendetta is even more personal than that of Deckard Shaw (played by Jason Statham in Fast 7) or Dom's own brother Jakob (played by John Cena in Fast 9), because both show up in the Fast X trailer as good guys.

We also see Brie Larson, who plays a "rogue representative" of the secret government group that worked with the racers-turned-superheroes in previous films. And for eagle-eyed fans who think they see glimpses of Paul Walker in the trailer, you're right and wrong. He appears in flashback segments from Fast Five, but the new guy you might think is him is actually Alan Richtson. He plays Aimes, the new head of the secret government group who doesn't really like Dom at all. Perhaps that's why Larson's character goes rogue.

Beyond that, we see plenty of cars, explosions, and some interesting callbacks to previous films. A nighttime race sequence looks similar to races from the first two movies. There appears to be some off-roading action with highly modified cars not unlike Fast 7. Speaking of cars, Han's (played by Sung Kang) classic Alfa Romeo in orange stands out, and it appears bad-guy Dante also has a thing for resto-mod muscle cars.

The 10th film in the Fast franchise is scheduled to reach UK theatres in May, with a tentative date of May 19 listed at the Internet Movie Database. According to the video description for the trailer on YouTube, Fast X "launches the final chapters" of the saga, matching up with previous reports about one more movie still to go.