If you watch a lot of Netflix, keep an eye out for more EVs from General Motors' brands. To announce the new partnership, the automaker and the streaming giant are teaming up for a Super Bowl commercial starring Will Ferrell.

The commercial kicks off with Ferrell driving a GMC Sierra Denali EV through the post-apocalyptic Las Vegas in Army of the Dead. Ferrell is cruising through the hoard of zombies talking about the partnership between GM and Netflix.

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The ad then shifts to Ferrell climbing into a Chevrolet Blazer EV. It follows a scene from the early portion of Squid Game where the protagonist climbs into a vehicle and a cloud of gas causes him to pass out.

Next, the scene switches to Bridgerton's set. Ferrell is in flamboyant Regency-era clothing, and a Cadillac Lyriq is following behind him. Ferrell clarifies that the EVs would only appear where they make sense, so don't expect to see one show up in a historical drama.

Similarly, the next bit has Ferrell dressing as Dusty from Stranger Things. You're not going to see a Chevy Silverado Trail Boss EV in the show's 1980s setting, even in the Upside Down.

A GMC Hummer EV makes an appearance when a runaway bride climbs into the truck.

The final part of the ad returns to the Army of the Dead set. However, this time Ferrell is a zombie, and another undead monster is riding with him.

General Motors has lots of electric models coming from its various brands in 2023. Unless folks pay close attention to the EV market, this might be many Super Bowl viewers first look at models like the Blazer and Silverado EVs. 

For example, the Silverado EV's WT trim arrives in spring 2023, and the RST joins the lineup in the fall. The Blazer EV is on the way in the summer, and the Equinox EV is also coming in the fall.

The Cadillac Lyriq is already on sale, but the brand is lowering the price for the 2024 model year to around $60,000. Meanwhile, the GMC Sierra EV that has such a prominent role in this commercial doesn't arrive until early 2024.