The UK's Little Car Company, in collaboration with renowned software development agency Ibisdev, has launched a cutting-edge online configurator for the Bugatti Baby II. This innovative technology allows customers to design their unique version of the vehicle in 3D augmented reality (AR) and see their creation in real-life settings like their home, office, or garage.

The Bugatti Baby II, a contemporary tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original Type 35 masterpiece, was developed by Bugatti and The Little Car Company to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the iconic brand. It's completely electric and downsized to three-quarters of the classic Type 35.

Gallery: Little Car Company Bugatti Baby II Online Configurator

The newly launched online configurator allows customers to personalise their Baby II to their exacting requirements, beginning with a choice of three models and body styles, followed by a range of exterior and interior designs and colours. The colours and leathers have been carefully curated to be period correct and pay homage to the history of the original Type 35, with names like Helle Green and Raphanel Blue inspired by iconic Bugatti drivers.

The 3D AR tool, designed in-house by The Little Car Company, gives customers a realistic view of their customised Baby II, placing the design on their device at 100% scale. This innovative tool provides a completely immersive experience for customers, who can personalise their vehicle from the comfort of their own homes.

Customers can choose from three versions of the Baby II: Base, Vitesse, and Pur Sang. All versions come with rear-wheel drive, high-performance brakes, an electric powertrain, and selectable driving modes. The Base model comes with two modes, Novice, limited to 12.4 miles per hour (20 kilometres per hour) and 1.34 bhp (1 kilowatt), and Expert, limited to 28 mph (45k km/h) and 5.36 bhp (4 kW).

The Vitesse and Pur Sang models include the Novice and Expert modes, with an upgraded powertrain that gives owners 13.4 bhp (10 kW) and a top speed of 43 mph (70 km/h), unlocked by the Bugatti Speed Key. The Pur Sang model is made of hand-formed aluminium bodywork using traditional coachbuilding techniques and takes over 200 hours to complete.