Lamborghini hasn’t been shy about its efforts to electrify its lineup by 2024. The company’s plans include adding a hybrid system to its Urus SUV. We have previously spied the PHEV out testing on several occasions, but a new video from the Varryx YouTube channel captures the Urus silently operating in its electric mode. The SUV’s usual throaty exhaust note is completely absent as the car cruises away.

The latest rumours suggest that Lamborghini will implant a Porsche powertrain into the hybrid Urus. The automaker will allegedly use a version of Porsche’s LK5 engine. It powers the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, pairing a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine and an electric motor that produces a combined 689 bhp (513 kilowatts). However, the Urus is expected to deliver much more than that, possibly making around 820 bhp (612 kW).

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While the Porsche’s 689 hp might seem like plenty for the Urus, it’s just a smidge more than the Urus Performante’s 657 bhp (490 kW). The Urus PHEV should sit above the Performante in the lineup, meaning it will need to make a lot more power to justify its position and to offset the added weight of the hybrid system. According to the US EPA, the Porsche’s 17.9-kilowatt-hour battery pack provides the saloon with 17 miles (27 kilometres) of range.

Lamborghini let the Urus out for some testing without any camouflage, revealing the tweaked front and rear fascias. The face wears a new design with a modified front bumper and air openings, while the rear bumper receives minor styling changes. Lamborghini could offer the SUV unique wheel and colour options when it reaches showroom floors.

Lamborghini hasn’t said when we could see the Urus PHEV debut; however, it should be on sale before the end of the year. Lamborghini has a lot of work left to reach its goal of an electrified lineup by 2024. The Aventador successor will also debut this year, pairing a V12 with an electric motor, while the Huracan will swap out its naturally aspirated V10 for an electrified V8.