Garage 54, a YouTube channel known for its unconventional car experiments – mostly on old Ladas – has recently taken on a new challenge: creating a transparent distributor cap. It's the latest from the series of experiments where our favourite Russian "scientists" try to make transparent car parts in the name of science.

The group, made up of auto enthusiasts who love to push the limits of what is possible with cars, wanted to see if it was possible to make a clear distributor cap that would allow people to see the inner workings of their engine while it was running.

The experiment began with the folks at Garage 54 disassembling a standard distributor cap and carefully removing all of the internal components. They then took a clear plastic material and shaped it into the same form as the original distributor cap. They reassembled all of the internal components into the clear cap and then installed it onto a test engine.

As the engine began to run, the clear distributor cap came to life, with the spinning rotor and high voltage spark clearly visible through the transparent material. The group was amazed by what they saw, with the inner workings of the engine appearing to dance and pulse with each ignition cycle.

As weird as it was, the experiment was a success. The clear distributor cap functioned just as well as a standard cap. You can watch the experiment through the embedded video on this page. It surely attracted the interest of people as the video has already accumulated over 67,000 views as of this writing.

While the clear distributor cap may not have any practical applications for everyday driving, it provides a unique and visually stunning way for people to see the inner workings of their engines. It also demonstrates the ingenuity and creativity of Garage54 and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cars.