Mini is probably putting the finishing touches on the next-generation three-door hatchback. Our photographers spied a camouflaged prototype testing in winter conditions in Sweden and we can see the vehicle already seems to be wearing its production lights front and back. The yellow-and-black disguise covers the entire car not letting us take a closer look at some of the exterior details, though.

Initially, it was believed the next-gen combustion-powered Mini hatch will differ from its electric cousin when it comes to the rear-end design. However, new intel from within the company claims the two vehicles will share identical designs at the back. There isn’t much to say about the rest of the exterior as this is by far not the first new Mini prototype we’ve spied – and we know it is going to represent an evolution over the outgoing model in terms of design.

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The same strategy is also true for the underpinnings. The overhauled Mini will ride on a heavily modified version of the car's current UKL1 platform. Still, the hardtop model will be slightly longer and wider compared to the model that’s currently available at the dealers. The wider track and stretched wheelbase will be complemented by larger wheels.

Combustion and electric Minis will continue to exist at the same time. In fact, every ICE-powered new Mini will feature some sort of electrification, at least a 48-volt, mild hybrid powertrain. The Mini EV, in turn, will look a lot like its fossil brother but will ride on a dedicated electric platform. We’ve heard speculation that there will be two EV variants – a base Cooper with a smaller battery for a range of under 200 miles. Above it, an electric S could offer 200 bhp and a range approaching 250 miles.

We expect to see the new Mini hardtop towards the middle of this year. A new convertible has already been confirmed, though it won’t arrive before 2025. As for the three-door hatchback, we expect to see it in the UK for either the 2023 or 2024 model year.