There is no shortage of cool or interesting camper conversions, including cargo vans, school buses, ambulances, or enclosed trailers. They all offer a solution for travel or full-time living in unique and creative ways. But as a home on wheels, the owner of this cargo trailer-turned-living space calls it the BEST conversion he's seen. 

If it's not THE best, it's certainly in the running and could have been featured in our 11 best list for 2022. Built by YouTuber WhoIsKyran, the cargo trailer is the full-time home he shares with his girlfriend and their dog. Measuring 6.1 metres long and 2.43 m wide, it packs a lot of living space into a small area. It features a shower, compost toilet, full kitchen, and a queen size bed. Side-by-side workstations give Kyran and his girlfriend room to work remotely, even when off the grid. 

What makes this cargo trailer conversion so incredible is the quality of the build and the utilisation of space. A large mirror hides a built-in medicine cabinet. The clothes closet includes hooks to hang a broom and swifter, as well as racks for shoes. The rear door folds down into a deck, adding outdoor living space. Not a square inch is wasted, making the trailer look larger than it is. 

Power comes from lithium batteries with 400 amp-hours of capacity, recharged by solar panels on the roof. A 380-litre capacity water tank lasts the couple more than two weeks. A small HVAC unit provides heating and cooling, with a diesel heater providing additional warmth in cold weather. Even the compost toilet is well thought out and includes an external vent fan to keep the living space smelling like eau de toilette instead of eau de poo. 

For anyone interested in the build, Kyran provides a list of the hardware and equipment he used. He's quick to point out these items in the video and why he recommends them. No mention is made of the cost of this conversion. Regardless of the cost, this cargo trailer conversion has everything you need to roam in your home.