Most people who look at this 1996 Nissan GT-R might dismiss it as a typical R33 model, but to hardcore JDM Nissan aficionados, it's the ultimate 90s supercar. According to Top Rank Imports, it's also the most expensive GT-R in the world and the only one in North America. 

What sets it apart is its history. In 1996 Nissan teamed up with Nismo, its in-house tuner, to build the GT-R Nismo 400R. Nismo upgraded the RB26DETT engine to produce 400 bhp, an astonishing number 27 years ago. To cope with the power, Nismo upgraded the brakes and suspension. The result is a weaponised version of the R33 GT-R that compares favourably to the Ferrari F40 in terms of performance. 

It also compares favourably to the F40 in terms of value. Brian Jannusch, Top Rank Imports' sales director, is cryptic when it comes to the price of the Nissan GT-R Nismo 400R. He mentions a recent auction where the price went over 100 million yen, or about £626,000, before going into private bidding. Later in the video, he talks about a person he saw in Japan driving a 400R on the road. The owner of that car thought it was worth around £250,000 and didn't believe Jannusch when he told the owner it was worth four times that amount.  

Jannusch says that part of what makes valuation difficult is the rarity of the 400R. According to the Nissan GTR-Registry, only 40 cars exist, and they rarely come up for sale. The one in the video is one of four silver cars and has only less than 20,000 miles on it. Top Rank Imports acquired this car from a collector in Canada, and to Jannusch's knowledge, it's the only 400R in North America. 

Acquiring a Nissan GT-R Nismo R400 requires deep pockets and the patience of Job. Jannusch says the silver car was recently sold to a customer, who he hopes will enjoy it and not hide it away somewhere. However, if you are looking for a Nissan Skyline at a fraction of the cost, you're in luck. Nissan Skylines are one of the most popular JDM imports, and judging from the video, Top Rank Imports has at least a dozen on hand.