A group of environmentally-conscious adventure seekers embarked on an epic journey to drive the length of the Americas in electric cars in June 2022, and now, six months later, their trip has come to an end.

Using a Tesla Model X and a Model 3, the team travelled on the famous Pan-American Highway, which has a total length of about 20,000 miles and covers North and South America.

It’s known as the longest drivable road in the world, starting in Alaska and ending at the tip of South America, in Argentina. There’s only one notable gap in the whole itinerary, and that’s the treacherous Darien Gap that sits at the border of Panama and Colombia, but there are alternative routes that can be accessed to get on with the journey.

The team that made its way in the two Teslas is part of a San Francisco-based non-profit organisation called Electric Americas, which wanted to put together a documentary series that combines action sports, sustainability, and lifestyle. They even had a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their quest.


In the teaser video embedded at the top of this page, you can get a glimpse of what the filmmakers went through along the way, meeting great people that strive to have a positive impact on their surroundings, and generally having a brilliant time.

“We want everyone to relate and feel close to the environment, and we know we can communicate in a different way so that it has an impact on people today, changing tomorrow’s reality,” the team writes on their official website, which – by the way – hosts a contest in which you can win a Tesla Quad.

The documentary, which isn’t ready yet, will feature surfing, diving, kiteboarding, paragliding, and a lot of cool-looking FPV drone shots. According to their website, there will be a full-length documentary with a runtime between 90-120 minutes, as well as over 12 individual episodes.

You can check out their official YouTube channel and Instagram page for more snippets from their trip.

This isn’t the first time someone travelled the length of the Americas in electric vehicles. In 2019, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman travelled from Argentina to California in a pair of electric Harley Davidson motorcycles, accompanied by two Rivian R1T trucks.