The Volkswagen Tiguan was Europe’s tenth best-selling model in November 2022 but this result represents a departure from the crossover’s position on the continent in previous years. The current model is getting a bit long in the tooth, however, and the Wolfsburg-based company is working on a full refresh that should bring the Tiguan back to its former market glory. We have new spy photos showing a camouflaged prototype of the new Tiguan and it’s looking a lot like the outgoing model.

This doesn’t mean the new crossover will be simply a restyled version of its predecessor, though. Volkswagen uses smart camouflage methods to hide the actual design of the 2024 Tiguan and the shape of the headlights and radiator grille, for example, is not what the final production version will look like. In fact, the C-shaped intake accents, the lower door trim, and the exhaust outlets are all stickers in an attempt to trick you into believing this is the final design.

Gallery: 2024 VW Tiguan new spy photos

We can’t tell many details about the new Tiguan for now but it seems that VW will make the new model slightly bigger than its predecessor. The platform under the skin will be an evolution of the existing one and the engineers are not expected to extend the wheelbase. If you take a closer look, however, the overhangs look a bit chunkier and ever remind us of the larger Touareg SUV.

In terms of engines, we don’t expect to see the next-gen Tiguan switch to a purely electric lineup. Volkswagen has the ID.4 and ID.5 model lines in this segment, which are the brand’s battery electric compact crossovers. The 2024 Tiguan will likely carry over with optimised versions of the model’s existing engines, including a plug-in hybrid and a more powerful version for the US market. It won’t be a full-blown Tiguan R, though it will likely have at least 100 bhp more than the regular variants.

Volkswagen has been evaluating Tiguan trial vehicles since last year, though we can’t tell when the new model will make its official debut. Our educated guess is that this could happen in the second half of this year with sales possibly starting early next year as a 2024 model. This schedule isn’t confirmed, however, as Volkswagen hasn’t released any official information regarding the new Tiguan yet.