Browsing Porsche's vast 911 lineup takes up the better part of a day but that doesn't mean the peeps from Zuffenhausen are done with expanding the portfolio. The German sports car brand has been talking about adding a hybrid version for several years, and while you still can't buy one yet, it is definitely coming. Company chairman Oliver Blume sat down and had a chat with Car Magazine and reconfirmed plans to electrify the iconic model.

Aside from announcing more off-road-oriented derivatives are in the pipeline, the 54-year-old exec said Porsche intends to "add a very sporty hybridisation to the 911." Nearly a year ago, Oliver Blume said it won't be of the PHEV variety, likely because that would've added too much weight. Instead, it'll be a self-charging hybrid with technology adapted from the Le Mans-winning 919 endurance race car.

Porsche 911 GTS Hybrid Spy Photos

At Porsche, the future is undoubtedly electric. Per the company's most recent roadmap, more than 80 percent of annual sales will be represented by hybrids and EVs by the end of the decade. A hybrid 911 will be added to the lineup in this timeframe, but a purely electric model has been ruled out until 2030 at the earliest.

Before the 911 goes hybrid, Porsche drove one without generating any emissions. To mark the start of synthetic fuel production, the rear-engined sports car’s fuel tank was filled up with eFuel made from water and carbon dioxide using wind energy. It’s more than just an experiment as the firm intends to boost production of the almost entirely CO-neutral fuel to 550 million litres (145,294 gallons) per year by 2027.

Oliver Blume told Car Magazine the 911 "will be the model which we will drive as long as we can with a combustion engine." In other words, it'll be the last model in the lineup to lose its ICE, which the smaller Boxster and Cayman will abandon in 2025 as the next-gen 718 will come exclusively in EV guise.