Nico Rosberg is famous for a couple of things. He won the 2016 F1 Championship with Mercedes, beating his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Then, he retired from motorsport and began a successful YouTube channel where he documents his car-related adventures.

Moreover, he’s the first man in the world to own a Rimac Nevera, the 1,914 bhp all-wheel drive electric supercar made in Croatia by a company that managed to partner with none other than Bugatti for future development.

It’s exciting stuff, to say the least, and Nico Rosberg wants to show everybody what it feels like to own such an impressive machine. So he published a new video on his YouTube channel, which is embedded at the top of this article.

In it, Rosberg tells us that he’s going to take the Nevera out for a test drive in the mountains above Monaco, a place where he usually puts new cars through their paces. But things don’t always go as planned, and it seems on this particular day when he filmed the whole experience, he managed to get locked out of his own car.

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It’s something that many of us went through at some point. You leave the key in the car, get out for whatever reason, and the car locks the doors with the key still inside. Luckily though, there was a second key available somewhere, and the problem was sorted rather quickly.

Now, for the actual driving part, I’ll just quote some of Nico Rosberg’s own words when describing the Nevera: “this thing has an incredible ride, this is just sick, it sits on the ground so well, it will do anything I want, braking is awesome, and it’s so fast, it’s proper sick!” Not bad, not bad at all.

There are other cool features of the Nevera, besides the way it handles. Inside, there’s a dial to select the driving mode, and another one to tune the amount of power you want for each axle. Also, there are more granular controls for the steering, suspension, and aerodynamics in the infotainment system, which is what a supercar should offer.

With its total power output of 1,914 bhp and a price tag that starts from €2 million (approx.£1.8 million), the Rimac Nevera is definitely a driver’s car. Just 150 examples are to be made at Rimac’s production facility on the outskirts of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, and all of them will be capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 1.85 seconds and reach a top speed of 256 mph (412 km/h).