A total of 131 new cars were revealed or presented throughout this year. The count excludes most of the rebadges, deep facelifts, and concepts. They include all production cars that were shown to the public all over the world: from Europe to the Americas, passing by China, Japan, Korea, India, Southeast Asia, and Russia.

The most interesting figure from the count is that the new cars produced by Chinese manufacturers made up 47% of this total.

New production passenger cars revealed in 2022 - graphic

My coverage since January 1st 2022 indicates that the automakers from China presented 62 new cars, or an average of 5 every month. SAIC was the OEM to bring more new cars to the market, with 10 different models. It was followed by Geely with 8, and Great Wall with 6.

Toyota leads OEMs

Toyota was the automaker to show more new cars throughout the year. According to my research, the Japanese OEM revealed 11 different models that include 4 SUVs, 3 Saloons, 3 MPVs and one city-car. That’s the same quantity of new cars that Toyota (which includes the Toyota brand, Lexus and Daihatsu) revealed in 2021.

Brands with highest quantity of new cars presented in 2022 - graphic

The Japanese automaker was followed by SAIC with 10 models that include 6 SUVs, 2 Saloons, 1 Hatchback and 1 MPV. General Motors followed with 10 new cars from its brands Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC. Honda was next with 8 new cars that include new generations of the Accord, CR-V, and Pilot, among others.

Stellantis was the European automaker with the highest quantity of new models revealed. They presented the Alfa Romeo Tonale, Citroen C4 X, Fiat Fastback, Jeep Avenger, Maserati Grecale, and Peugeot 408 (the new Maserati Granturismo was excluded as the official interior pictures have not been released). Volkswagen group also showed 6 new models that include one Audi for China, the Skoda Enyaq Coupe, 2 Volkswagens for China, and the new Amarok and ID.Buzz.

Further down, BMW and Mercedes both revealed 4 new cars each. Suzuki, Ford, and Hyundai-Kia with 3 each.

67 were SUVs

As expected, SUVs continued to take the lead in reveals. They made up 51% of the total new passenger cars reveals in 2022. SAIC, Geely, Honda, and Stellantis were the manufacturers to lead this ranking.

Far behind were the saloons, which are still alive thanks mostly to the demand in China. In 2022, a total of 23 new saloons were revealed, and 12 of them are expected to be available in China only.

New vehicles revealed in 2022 - graphic

Surprisingly, MPVs welcomed 16 new models, despite the dropping sales in markets like Europe and North America. Regarding saloons, half of these reveals correspond to models that won’t leave the Chinese market.

Finally, there were 8 new city-cars revealed, 7 pickups, 6 hatchbacks, and 4 sport cars that include the new Ford Mustang, the GAC Aion Hyper SSR, the Pagani Utopia, and the Rolls-Royce Spectre.

The author of the article, Felipe Munoz, is an Automotive Industry Specialist at JATO Dynamics.