Face swaps in cars are a thing. We've seen a number of social media pages that have been doing so for the past few years, putting the face of cars on another model through the mighty power of Adobe Photoshop. But this face swap is different – it's a full-on transformation, courtesy of students in Japan.

Meet, the Nissan Fairlady X. It's a mashup between the Nissan Z (or Nissan Fairlady Z, as it is called in Japan) and the Murano crossover. It's a project of students at Nissan Gakuen (Nissan Automobile Technical College).

Nissan Fairlady X (Z x Murano Mashup)
Nissan Fairlady X (Z x Murano Mashup)

And while you might think that this is just photo manipulation work, it's actually not. The students actually worked on gutting a Nissan Murano and smashing the Z's face and rear onto it. We figured there was fabrication involved in this union given that the Murano isn't exactly carved out to have the shape of the Z car.

The result is interesting, to say the least. With the Z's front end and rear section fitted on a crossover, we didn't think it was possible but here we are. It even comes with a set of Rays wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres for good measure.

We couldn't exactly pinpoint what's wrong (or right) in this transformation but suffice it to say, the enlarged proportions of the Z's design would want you to stare at the car longer than you're supposed to.


Even better, the Murano's interior has also been given a makeover to fit the Z's sporty interior. Based on the images posted on Nissan Gakuen's Twitter account, the mashup comes with the Z's steering wheel and seats, though we're unsure of the extent of alteration within the cabin due to the limited photos provided.

The Nissan Fairlady X will have its public debut in 2023 at the Tokyo Auto Salon and the Osaka Auto Messe. If you're in Japan for those shows, might as well find this unexpected fusion for a visual treat.