The 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon runs from January 13 through 15, and Nissan now showcases its lineup of vehicles to display at the aftermarket-focused show. The company has quite a range of models to display ranging from performance machines to commercial models.

Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Edition Japan Market

The Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Edition won the Grand Prix at the 2022 Tokyo International Custom Car Contest. It wears subtle upgrades like a new front bumper that separates the front fascia into two sections by adding a crossbar in the middle. There are also small slits in the lower fascia. The A-pillars, roof, mirror caps, and side stripes are black while the rest of the body is dark orange.

Nissan Roox Suite Concept

This dimly lit teaser shows the Roox Suite Concept. The existing Roox is a boxy van, but this vehicle appears to be much sleeker. Nissan says the model for the Tokyo Auto Salon has a more spacious cabin with a piano inside. It is "customised to enable special times with loved ones," according to the company.

Nissan Caravan Powered Base for Pro

Nissan equips this Caravan commercial van with four portable power packs that come from Leaf batteries. It's for professionals who need plenty of electricity away from the grid. Solar panels on the roof keep them charged. The van also has a tool rack and a sterilising air-conditioning system.

Nissan Cube Refreshed And Retro concept

Remember the boxy Nissan Cube? At Tokyo Auto Salon, the company has the Refreshed and Retro Concept for it. The automaker bought a used example and restored the vehicle. In addition, there are lots of bronze-colour customisation parts.

Nissan Serena Highway Star Accessory concept

This Nissan Serena receives a body kit and wheels that turn it into the Highway Star Concept. It has tweaks like a new front splitter, an illuminated grille, and an aluminium-colour body wrap.

Nissan Serena Autech customized

This is also a Serena, but it receives upgrades from Nissan's Autech division. It wears a body kit, lowered suspension, and a set of 18-inch wheels.

Nissan X-Trail Autech customized

The Autech division also has a customised X-Trail for the show. It rides on shiny, 20-inch wheels. Inside, there are white leather seats.

Nissan Super GT GT500 Motul Autech Z

The Nissan Z that competes in the GT500 class of the Super GT series wears sponsorship from Motul and Autech. The brand will have the racer on display at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Nissan Note Aura Nismo

Nismo gives this Nissan Note Aura a look that it says has inspiration from Formula E. Other than the aesthetic tweaks there is no indication of other changes to the vehicle.

Nissan Sakura e-share mobi Kyoto concept
Nissan Ariya e-share mobi Kyoto concept

Nissan will put this Sakura and Ariya on display in Kyoto, Japan, to promote the brand's car-sharing service. At the Tokyo Auto Salon, they wear a body wrap with an image on Kyoto on the door.