The Tik Tok video you are about to watch really speaks for itself. That said, when we learned that a dog used a Tesla Model 3 as a chew toy, we thought it was a joke. However, as you'll clearly see, it really happened. Perhaps you could argue that it could have been staged, but it honestly seems too real for that.

As the story goes, a Model 3 owner was walking to her car with her dog when a pit bull began to approach. Apparently, it didn't have a collar on. It ran after her and her dog, and scratched her back. She was able to get into the car with her dog, but then the pit bull started messing with the car.

It doesn't appear as if the pit bull is trying to be aggressive. It really looks as though it's trying to play. It's using the car's body panels as chew toys and the weather stripping to play "tuggie."


The Tik Tok user who posted the video is named Liv, and she uses the Tik Tok handle, @toodiesangelxx. It seemed strange to some people that she just sat in the car capturing video while the pit bull was clearly damaging her Tesla. You can see in the video that there's damage all over the car, and it's not minimal. It looks like the dog even bloodied its mouth up as it tried to chew the panels and tear the weather stripping off.

People were actually commenting about why Liv didn't do anything to stop the attack. She posted a second video on Tik Tok to reveal more about what transpired.


The Tik Tik videos have now gone viral, and the media has reported more of the story. The owner of the pit bull reportedly offered to pay Liv's medical bills and to pay for the cost of repairing the Model 3, which won't be cheap.