Everrati Automotive, known for its bespoke EV conversions, has expanded its lineup with zero-emission versions of the Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender. More than just an EV powertrain transplant, the Oxfordshire, England company specialises in transforming iconic models, like the Porsche 911 and Mercedes-Benz SL, into "future-proof" sustainable vehicles. 

The Range Rover Classic and Land Rover Defender follow the success of other Land Rover electric conversions. Built from 1970 to 1996, the Range Rover Classic combined rugged offroad performance with luxury and comfort. It defined the prestige SUV market, becoming a status symbol for people of affluence, including celebrities and royalty. The Land Rover Defender was an update on the Series 90 and 110, which were modernised versions of the Land Rover Series I - III.   

Gallery: Everrati Land Rover EVs

Like other high-end, custom automakers, Everrati goes through the entire vehicle, restoring it to the highest standards and customising it to the customer's wishes. It then installs a new OEM-grade three-phase AC motor, single-speed gearbox, and battery pack, optimising the layout for the best weight distribution. Everrati also claims the electric conversion is completely reversible should the owner decide to revert back to the original drivetrain. 

In addition to the latest EV powertrain technology, Everrati builds all its vehicles with sustainable luxury materials, including low-carbon leather from Bridge of Weir. It also works with marque-specialist partners to incorporate custom-designed parts like gauges and trim to update the vehicles while preserving the classic aesthetics.    

"These vehicles are right in the current zeitgeist; rolling pieces of art that will give their owners, a clean and distinctive and luxurious way of travelling," said Everrati Founder and CEO, Justin Lunny. "These progressive machines will have a legacy, being preserved for generations who will be able to continue to use and enjoy them.”

Lunny founded Everrati with Nick Williams in 2019 with the vision of restoring iconic vehicles and converting them to electric propulsion. Pricing for the Range Rover Classic starts at £230,000. The Land Rover Defender starts at £185,000. Both prices do not include tax or the price of a donor vehicle. 

Gallery: Everrati Land Rover EVs

Source: Newspress