There are only a few vehicles in the world that have achieved legendary status. The Unimog is one of them which started when the first model was introduced in 1947. In the realm of hardcore off-roaders, the Unimog is among the creams of the crop.

And that's what makes this radio-controlled model great. Manufactured by Axial, this 1:10 scale Unimog UMG10 6x6 doesn't only look like the real thing, but it also has the performance of one. Featured in a video uploaded by RC Jono, this three-axled truck can crawl through anything – just like a full-size Mercedes Unimog.

Gallery: Axial Unimog 6x6 1:10 Scale RC Rock Crawler

Built atop Axial's proven SCX10 II chassis, the RC is battery-operated. You only need three things to make it run right off the box – a 7.4V 30+C 5000+mAh 2S Hardcase LiPo Battery with IC3 or EC3 Connector, a compatible charger, and four AA batteries for the transmitter.

Once complete, the scale RC model Unimog uses its 35T brushed, water-resistant motor to charge forward and conquer anything on its path. It has adjustable coilover shock absorbers, Tandem AR44 rear axles with a high pinion design, universal joint axles, and mil-spec wheels and tyres – basically, everything needed for hardcore off-roading.

Even better, the electronics in this model are all waterproof, which means action over snow and mud is possible. Just be careful on wading through deep waters, though we won't be surprised if it can. If there's one word to describe this RC, it's unstoppable – just like the 12 generations of real-life Unimog.

While playing with the Axial Unimog off-road RC screams tons of fun, the company has unfortunately discontinued the model. This makes every existing deadstock sample out there a collectible – if you can find one at all.

Then again, a quick search on eBay shows a number of shops selling its parts piece by piece, which means you can practically build one yourself.