Ford is on the verge of quitting the small car segment in Europe, with the Fiesta and Focus nearing the end of their respective lines. Moving forward, the Blue Oval will be selling SUVs, crossovers, and trucks in the Old Continent, while the plan to be fully electric by the end of the decade is still underway.

In line with this, Ford of Europe said that it will use the brand's American heritage to appeal to European buyers. 

"Our future models are more American, and from 2030 they will all be electric," Ford's marketing chief in Germany, Christian Weingaertner, told Automobilwoche in a press event, reported by Automotive News Europe.

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Ford also introduces a new slogan as part of its marketing revamp. The new slogan is called "Adventurous Spirit," which, according to the company, stands for the American values of "freedom, outdoors, and adventure."

Moreover, the company's vehicles in Europe will come with new marketing claims. The Mustang will be marketed with a "Wild Performance" tagline, while the Puma crossover will be promoted as the "Urban Escape." The Explorer will be the brand's claim to "Active Adventure" and the Ranger midsize truck shall be Ford's "Ultimate Outdoor" model.

Ford's lineup will expand with two electric models by 2024 on top of the upcoming electric Puma. The other EVs are initially classified as a "Medium-size Crossover" and a "Sport Crossover." The former is said to be assembled at Ford of Europe's home in Cologne, Germany, and promises to deliver 311 miles of range on a single charge. The latter is still a mystery at this point.

As mentioned, Ford of Europe will only be selling electric cars from 2030. Ford will only sell plug-in hybrids and EVs by 2026, which will then lead to a complete phaseout of ICE by the end of the decade.