There are fresh rumours about the long-awaited Apple Car. The vehicle allegedly has a projected price of less than $100,000 (approx. £82,200), unnamed sources tell Bloomberg. However, the model reportedly isn't coming until 2026, which is a year later than the company's earlier plan.

The report also offers some alleged details about the Apple Car's tech. The vehicle would have an advanced driver assistance system capable of piloting the model on the highway. Lidar and radar sensors would monitor the road. A processor codenamed Denali would control the various systems, and it's reportedly as powerful as four of the company's highest-end chips.

Gallery: Apple Car renderings by Vanarama

The renderings above are purely speculative.

During non-piloted motoring, the driver would control it with a conventional steering wheel and pedals.

The Apple Car project has gone through many ups and downs. In 2016, the company allegedly cancelled plans to build an actual vehicle and decided to focus on developing autonomous tech. It then geared up again before allegedly reassigning 200 people away from the programme to work in other divisions.

In the last couple of years, there have been several reports about Apple allegedly approaching automakers to build the car for them. The talks fell through with Hyundai and Nissan. There was also a rumour about a partnership with Toyota. LG and Magna were also among the claimed collaborators.

Apple has been tight-lipped about what it was actually doing with the car project. In 2021, there was a rumour about Apple using a limited-liability corporation to conceal its purchase of a former Chrysler proving grounds near Phoenix, Arizona.

To help develop the car, Apple allegedly hired 20-year Lamborghini veteran Luigi Taraborrelli. He was the Italian automaker's head of chassis and vehicle dynamics with responsibilities including a model's suspension, steering, braking, and driving-assistance systems.

While the Apple Car hasn't materialised, the company has continued to evolve its CarPlay telematics software. The next-gen version had a teaser during Apple's 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference. It will be able to function on multiple displays like the infotainment screen and digital instrument cluster, for example.