Nobody can't deny the classic charm of old Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Apart from the tank-like build that Mercs from the '50s and '60s are known for, they are also renowned for their style.

Both traits are present in this unique Mercedes motorhome that was recently sold at Bring a Trailer. Originally born as a bus, this Mercedes-Benz O321H bus was introduced in the mid-'50s and produced for a decade in Mannheim, Germany. Before the conversion into a motorhome, the bus was supposedly used to transport a Swiss hockey team to games.

Gallery: 1961 Mercedes-Benz O321H Motorhome

Documentation of this interesting build by BaT goes as far as 10 years back. Obviously, it was transported across the Atlantic and spent time in Massachusetts and Michigan before the seller acquired it in 2020.

In its current form, the bus is painted tan with red accents on the body, matched with a set of 20-inch steelies. There are a few exterior damages declared by the seller, including some peeling paint and rusting. It comes with three doors, front and rear sunroofs, exterior equipment cabinets, and a ball hitch. What makes this bus more interesting are the 12 skylight windows that were used for tours. This allows a good amount of sunlight into the cabin, giving it a homey vibe.

The classic Mercedes-Benz motorhome accommodates seven people in individual seats – six of them upholstered in vinyl that matches the exterior. The middle compartment houses the living, dining, and kitchen areas, with sofas that convert into beds. The rear end is reserved for the sleeping quarters.

Powering this old-school camper is a rear-mounted 5.7-litre inline-six diesel mill, which routes power to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. The owner declares that the engine has an oil leak.

If you're interested in this build, unfortunately, BaT has already sold the bus for $75,321 (approx. £61,400) earlier this month.