South African firm Armormax has unveiled its latest offering, a bulletproof Jaguar I-Pace. The mobile security specialists used high-grade ballistic glass and light armour to ensure performance would not be sacrificed for strength. 

In total, only 200 kilograms (440 lbs) of weight was added from the armour conversion. Armormax's I-Pace has a B4 ballistic protection rating, which means it can withstand attacks from handguns and shotguns up to a .44 calibre.

Interestingly, Armormax's work does not void the I-Pace's Jaguar warranty. Both companies worked together on the project, with Jaguar providing plenty of technical support. Armormax's Managing Director, Grant Anderson, stated the following (via Carmag):

“This project presented a great opportunity to challenge ourselves and expand our capabilities. We immediately involved the technical team at Jaguar Land Rover South Africa to assist and they were fantastic in helping us understand the intricacies of this electric vehicle. We are proud to say we built this car to our high standard despite the challenges and left the base vehicle very much unchanged”.

It's currently not clear if the Armormax I-Pace will be available outside South Africa, although the answer is probably yes if you are wealthy enough.

Armormax did not provide pricing for its I-Pace as it varies significantly depending on the amount of armour and gadgets you want (yes, that's right - Armormax also does smoke screens and electric-shock door handles). However, the company's website suggests most builds cost in the region of $30-90k (£24-73k) plus the donor car.

As for the Jaguar I-Pace in general, it's currently in its fifth year of production with sales continuing to slow. The I-Pace lineup currently starts at £66,350 with only one battery available, a 90 kWh unit capable of 292 miles of WLTP range.