The Audi 200 is a stylish saloon from the late 1980s and very early '90s. The one in this video starts in rough shape but receives a deep clean that brings the car back to life. 

First thing's first with this Audi. It has moss growing on the body, so the clip starts with a deep clean from soap and water. Just that work goes a long way to rejuvenating the car's appearance, but this clip doesn't stop there.

The original owner contributed a set of wheels with a V-shaped spoke pattern, rather than the original design. The team details them individually and brings them back to a shine. Even the spare tyre gets some attention.

The Audi's interior is not much better than the outside. The floor mats come out for shampooing, pressure washing, and vacuuming. With the seats removed, there's full access to clean the dark blue carpet. It comes out looking great. Steam helps bring the steering wheel back to looking brand new.

Despite the mouldy exterior, this car is still mechanically strong. At the end of the video, the engine barks to life and then settles into an idle. The dashboard gauges are still working too. It has a five-speed manual transmission swap, which might make the car more interesting to drive once these guys make the 200 fully roadworthy again.

The Audi 200 was the brand's range-topping product in select markets before the arrival of the V8 saloon. Buyers could get them as a four-door or a five-door estate. They were available with versions of Audi's venerable inline-five-cylinder engine. Briefly, the 20-valve variant of the turbocharged mill was available making an impressive-for-the-time 217 bhp (162 kilowatts). Again, in certain markets the Audi 100 was the successor. After that, the Four Rings introduced its modern model nomenclature with names like A4, A6, and A8.