To date, the RX-7 is possibly the most recognizable vehicle Mazda has ever built. The third generation of the sports car was produced between 1992 and 2002 and was one of the most inspiring mass-production machines of the 1990s. Mazda now produces new parts and components for those who want to restore an old RX-7 but if you can find a low-mileage original one, this is surely the better option. We can’t think of a better-preserved example than the one that’s featured in the video above.

This almost 30-minute clip comes from the WD Detailing channel on YouTube and shows us a 1994 RX-7 that has been sitting in a garage since 1999. The story of the car is very interesting and we are very happy to see it is getting the attention from detailing specialists it deserves. The owner of the car bought it brand new but got scared of how powerful and fast it was and did just about 8,800 miles before putting it into a garage. Everything is completely original and in need of a very detailed wash and detailing.

The procedures you are about to see in the video aren’t unusual. Everything starts with a pressure wash of the exterior, followed by a more detailed wash with special chemicals, a clay bar procedure, and full paint restoration and polish. The interior got the same level of attention and some of the parts were even disassembled for better access to the dirtier zones.

The result? Well, this could very well be one of the shiniest RX-7s we’ve ever seen and the truth is it is in almost concours condition. Don’t worry about the rusty brake discs – as soon as the car gets in motion and the brake is applied, the rust will be gone. We’d like to hear your opinion – how much does this RX-7 with 8,800 original miles cost now? We don’t know if it will be up for sale soon but we doubt its owner will start driving it now after more than two decades of sitting in a garage.