How do you not immediately love a vehicle called the Damd Hustler Country? And, it looks so charming, too. This new offering from the Japanese aftermarket firm Damd modifies the Suzuki Hustler into a more rugged-looking machine.

Compared to the standard Hustler (see comparison below), the Damd kit includes quite a few upgrades. A new front fascia has a blocky lower portion and a bumper with fog lights on the outer corners. The grille is now a mesh panel with a "DAMD" badge in the middle. A revised panel with horizontal slats is body colour. The tweaked bonnet has an inlet on the tip.

Suzuki Hustler Damd Hustler Country
Suzuki Hustler

Damd isn't yet showing the Hustler Country from any angle except for the front three-quarters. It appears that the mirror caps have a boxier shape. A basket on the roof expands the vehicle's storage space. A decal depicting crossed wrenches is on the fuel filler door.

Judging from other Damd body kits, there might be small tweaks to the rear, like revised trim.

Gallery: Suzuki Hustler Damd Hustler Country

The Hustler Country body kit goes on sale in Japan in late December. It will also be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon that will run from January 14 through 16, 2023.

Damd already sells a body kit for the Hustler called the Classico. As the name implies, it has a retro appearance that includes a grille with horizontal slats and faux wood stripes on each side of the body.

The Hustler is in its second generation in Japan. It complies with the company's Kei class, which limits the engine size and power output. Buyers can select a mild-hybrid-assisted, naturally aspirated 660-cc three-cylinder or a turbocharged version of that mill. All of them come with a CVT. There are front- and all-wheel-drive configurations. 

If you like what Damd is doing to this Hustler, it's worth checking out some of the company's other creations. The designers particularly like to transform the Suzuki Jimny into other vehicles. There are kits for giving the pint-sized SUV the appearance of a classic Ford Bronco, Land Rover Defender, and Mercedes-Benz G-Class.