All good things must come to an end, and after nearly 12 years, the Aventador has officially been retired. We can take comfort from knowing the next Lamborghini flagship will still have a dozen of cylinders, as denoted by the red V12 logo in the centre of this prototype's tachometer. Our spies got up close and personal with the new range-topper from Sant'Agata Bolognese and were able to take a peek inside the supercar's cabin for the first time.

It's refreshing to see a redline that starts at 8,500 rpm in this day and age when nearly every automaker is focused primarily on downsized turbocharged petrol engines. This test vehicle has racked up 6,683 kilometres (4,153 miles) and appears to have a problem with the rear active spoiler judging by the warning message to the left of the digital instrument cluster.

Lamborghini Aventador replacement interior spy photos

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice the word "città," which means the prototype was in the "city" driving mode. The naturally aspirated engine was still running, taking into account that the tachometer was showing 1,000 rpm and we can also see "hybrid" as the selected type of propulsion. To the right of the driver's display, there's a green icon with a supercar silhouette and an EV logo, indicating the Aventador replacement will have an all-electric mode.

As for the centre console, it appears to be hosting two separate displays, with the bottom one being visibly smaller and flanked by some shortcut buttons likely of the touch-sensitive variety. If we were to speculate, the smaller display is for the climate settings. Thankfully, the screen that seems to be located atop the dashboard doesn’t actually belong to the car as it's from a laptop used by the engineering team to measure various parameters.

Stepping outside of the vehicle, it appears to have an angry-looking front fascia as all Lamborghinis should. Those tiny headlights have a sharp design and are supplemented by a separate light bar mounted lower on the bumper. The camouflage may be playing tricks on us as that could still be a one-piece headlight.

The side profile confirms the wedge shape is alive and well while the giant air intakes cool down the mid-mounted V12. Speaking of which, the engine compartment appears to have a split cover. The familiar hexagon motif is evident in the shape of the massive dual exhaust tips. These are flanked by cleverly disguised taillights with stickers mimicking the design of the Aventador's rear lights.

The wait is nearly over as Lamborghini has already announced it will unveil the supercar in late March 2023. In the meantime, check out the Rambling About Cars podcast for the latest news on new cars mixed with witty banter, available below.