Have you ever seen a car carrier with its ramp down and thought about driving on it just like in the movies? Well, some of us (if not most) do but I can guarantee you that only a handful has actually done it – just like this Nissan Altima driver from an incident in Venice, Florida.

In a Facebook post by Venice FL Fire Rescue, a Nissan Altima was seen near the top of a car carrier, dangerously positioned with its rear hanging on the sides. According to the fire department, the saloon drove up the ramp whilst travelling south on Pinebrook Rd.


The Venice Fire Rescue received a call at around 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday for an accident near the intersection of Pinebrook Rd. and Pinebrook. When the rescuers arrived at the scene, they found a middle-aged male in the driver's seat. It wasn't clear whether the climb onto the ramp was intentional or if this was a case of distracted driving. The Altima's speed when the accident happened wasn't disclosed as well.

Of note, the car carrier was said to be dropping off a vehicle to a nearby resident when the accident occurred. It was parked with its ramp down but under a streetlight and with hazard lights on.

To avoid further damage, the driver was told to stay inside the vehicle until the rescuers were able to stabilise the precariously positioned car. The rescuers had to secure the front part with industrial straps while a wrecker was used to stabilise the rear. It was only then that the driver was safely removed from the vehicle. The driver was uninjured during the whole ordeal.

The driver was turned over to the police after extraction and cited for careless driving.