Earlier this year, Lamborghini auctioned off the last Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae. It sold for an eye-watering $1.6 million (approx. £1.2 million), but the seven-figure price tag included a non-fungible token – an NFT. Lamborghini has announced that it has delivered the final Ultimae.

The handover ceremony allowed the car’s new owner to meet Krista Kim and Steve Aoki virtually. Kim and Aoki collaborated on creating the NFT, a 1:1 digital recreation of the real-life Aventador. The two also worked with Lamborghini’s Ad Personam customisation programme to help select the exterior finish and interior trim.

Gallery: Last Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Delivered

The car features a faded colour gradient, starting as a mix of blue that transitions to pure black at the rear. The owner also enjoys other perks, like previews of future limited-edition models, a private tour of the company’s museum, and invites to local Lambo dealerships activities. 

The Ultimae is the last Aventador iteration from the automaker. The supercar packs a naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 engine. It produces 769 bhp (574 kilowatts) and 531 pound-feet (720 newtons-metres) of torque. The supercar weighs 1,550 kilograms (3,417 pounds), dry. 

The last Aventador, which is available as a coupe or roadster, is also quick. The coupe can hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in 2.8 seconds. It only needs 8.7 seconds to reach 124 mph (200 kph), and it has a top speed of 220.5 mph (355 kph).

Lamborghini had to restart Aventador production earlier this year after the cargo ship Felicity Ace caught fire and sank in the Atlantic Ocean. It swallowed about 4,000 high-end vehicles from the Volkswagen Group, including 85 Lamborghinis. The majority were of the Urus SUV, but 15 were the Ultimae, forcing the automaker to restart the assembly line. The company only produced 350 Ultimae coupes and 250 roadsters.

Lamborghini confirmed in 2021 that the Ultimae would feature the last naturally aspirated V12 from the company. That doesn’t mean the engine is disappearing from the lineup, as Lamborghini was cautious in its wording about the engine’s demise. There is a possible future where the V12 lives on with a hybrid setup. Tightening emissions regulations are forcing automakers to adapt their vehicles, and that includes Lamborghini.