At the end of EX90's debut event, Volvo provided a glimpse of its next product. Slated to debut at some point in 2023, the electric crossover will be much smaller judging by how petite it looked sitting next to the fullsize SUV. It's bound to carry the design DNA of the EX90, and this rendering from attempts to see into the model's future. As for the name, it’s widely believed to be called EX30 rather than XC20 as originally believed.

Volvo CEO Jim Rowan sat down and had a chat with Automotive News Europe about the entry-level EV, which will be positioned below the XC 40 / C40 Recharge models. He described the pint-sized crossover as being a "city car aimed at a younger demographic who can subscribe to it and make it their first Volvo." The newcomer is expected to ride on the Sustainable Experience Architecture developed by the parent company Geely.

New Volvo EX60 Teaser

SEA is a modular platform engineered for EVs as small as the Smart #1 and as big as the Lotus Eletre high-performance SUV. The wildly styled Zeekr 009 MPV also uses these bones, and so will the upcoming Polestar 4. The EX30 is not expected to replace the larger XC40 Recharge, which is 4,425 millimetres (174.2 inches) long.

By serving as the entry point into Volvo's portfolio, the EX30 will play a key role in helping the Swedish automaker achieve its target of selling 600,000 EVs by 2025. It's going to be assembled at an existing plant since the new €1.2-billion, carbon-neutral factory in Slovakia won't be operational until 2026. Volvo intends to become a purely electric automaker globally at the end of the decade.

To get there, Rowan told ANE a new EV will be launched each year for the next 4-5 years. After initially focusing on crossovers and SUVs since those represent the most popular segments of the market, Volvo intends to introduce electric saloons and estates as well.