The Bugatti Centodieci is an exceptionally rare supercar. Only 10 will be built, a process that is ongoing. With such rarity, one might expect these cars to be sheltered in garages with virtually no miles on the odometer. But every single Centodieci will cover at least 217 miles, blasting well beyond 200 mph in the process. And it happens before the owner even takes delivery.

That's because Bugatti's pre-delivery inspection of the Centodieci isn't simply an up-close look with white gloves and a magnifying glass. Aside from looking perfect, Bugatti turns to Steve Jenny for what could be the most thorough manufacturer evaluation in all of motoring. A seasoned test driver for Bugatti, Jenny is tasked with driving each Centodieci on a 186-mile loop that exposes the car to pretty much any situation the owner might encounter.

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Part of the journey includes acceleration and speed tests at a closed airport, where the hypercar is driven to its electronically-limited top speed of 236 mph. Slalom and emergency manoeuvres are also conducted, exercising the machine to its fullest limits.

The test isn't simply about verifying power and performance. Bugatti says Jenny is so attuned to the Centodieci that he can sense small variances in everything from engine sound and road noise to how switches and buttons feel in the cockpit. It's all part of gauging the "personality" of the car, which apparently is quite different from the Chiron despite both vehicles using the same skeleton and quad-turbocharged, 1,578-bhp W16 engine.

But wait, there's more.

Bugatti Centodieci Test Drive Before Delivery
Bugatti Centodieci Test Drive Before Delivery

Once the 186-mile test drive is done and necessary adjustments made, Bugatti changes the gearbox filter and swaps wheels/tyres for the final set that will go to the customer. Jenny climbs in for another drive of around 30 miles to make sure everything is just right. Only then does the Centodieci leave Bugatti's care for the customer – with each car showing 217 miles or more on the clock.

The Centodieci debuted in 2019 to considerable fanfare, paying homage to the EB110 of the 1990s. However, production of the first prototype didn't start until 2021, followed by testing that concluded in early 2022. Production of customer cars commenced in March, with the number strictly limited to just 10 total.