Lancia is a shadow of its former glory, having been reduced to one model and a single market, but it deserves a better future. Parent company Stellantis has pledged to revitalise the troubled marque by making large investments to expand the portfolio and sell cars outside Italy once again. Back in May, three new models were announced, with a next-generation Ypsilon supermini in 2024, a larger crossover in 2026, and a new compact Delta in 2028.

We will be getting a first taste of what the future has in tow for the fabled automaker on November 28 during the Lancia Design Day. It's touted as being the first event of the "Lancia Renaissance" to preview a fresh design language that will shape next-generation cars arriving in two years' time. Icons of the past such as the Aurelia, Flaminia, Fulvia, Beta HPE, Gamma, Delta, Stratos, and the Rally 037 will serve as the foundation for the new styling direction.

New Lancia Ypsilon first design clues

Details about the new models are limited, although we do know the new 2024 Ypsilon will be about four metres (157 inches) long and is going to have an electric powertrain. Lancia's flagship coming two years later will stretch at 4.6 metres (181.1 inches) while the 2028 Delta is set to be a "sculpted and muscular car, with geometric lines” measuring 4.4 metres (173.2 inches). The Italian brand plans to launch only EVs from 2026 and will exclusively sell electric cars from 2028.

Interestingly, Lancia will utilise the highest percentage of recycled material among all Stellantis brands, with half of the touchable surfaces being made from eco-sustainable materials. With the three new cars in the pipeline, the company estimates it will be able to cover about 50 percent of the market.

The expansion outside Italy will start with France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. A network of 100 dealerships will be active in 60 major cities, but Lancia estimates half of its customers will prefer to buy cars online.