Here's a Viper with a seriously potent bite. This car has the nickname Juggernaut and is the quickest Viper in the world. As the video shows, it's capable of covering the quarter-mile in 6.68 seconds at 220.1 miles per hour (354.22 kilometres per hour).

The Juggernaut is a 2001 Viper but has the driveline out of the fifth-generation model, which are the ones from the 2013 through 2017 model years. The block and heads for the V10 engine are stock, but it's now displacing 9.0 litres, rather than the original 8.4 litres. A pair of Garrett 88-millimeter turbos help let the powerplant produce around 3,300 bhp (2,461 kilowatts). It drinks ethanol fuel.

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It's not a particularly lightweight car, either. For the 6.68-second quarter-mile run, the scales showed 1,781 kilograms (3,926 pounds).

The video shows several other of the Juggernaut's quarter-mile runs. It's capable of doing repeated runs in the high six-second range while going over 200 mph (322 kph).


The clip also showcases several other high-horsepower Vipers. One of them goes by the name Kratos and is currently for roll racing. It has no problem making runs over 200 mph. We covered the car in 2021 when the vehicle attended the FL2k racing event in Florida.

There's no sign of Dodge reviving the Viper anytime soon. Instead, the brand's performance future in the near future is the Charger Daytona SRT Concept. The muscle car arrives in 2024.  At launch, buyers can pick from power outputs ranging from 455 bhp (340 kW) to 670 bhp (500 kW). Later, Banshee models would be available with over 800 bhp (597 kW).

However, it's still possible to get a new Viper if you look around. The vehicle is one of the few that still shows up in the automaker's sales reports, despite production ending years ago. In the second quarter of 2022, Dodge sold one Viper. The company delivered four of them in 2020 and again in 2021.