Japanese cars are known to be the most reliable in the industry and can generally rack up hundreds of thousands of miles without any major issues. Much like in video games, this 2022 Honda Civic did a veritable speedrun by covering nearly a quarter of a million miles. Listed for sale at Weeks Motors, the  Touring model has already done a whopping 248,740 miles (400,308 kilometres) in only one year and one month of ownership.

Discovered by Tire Meets Road, the 2022 Civic is up for grabs at a dealer in Dallas, Texas for $18,999 (approx. £16,700) or approximately $6,000 (£5,275) less than a brand-new 2023 Civic in its base Sport trim level or roughly $11,000 (£9,700) less than a Touring. With an average mileage of more than 600 miles (965 kilometres) per day, the compact saloon has already lived a rough life and is looking for a new owner.

A medical courier, the original buyer used his Honda to ship medical supplies to Houston daily, according to the dealership's response when inquired by Tire Meets Road. A full Carfax report can be found at the source link below and it shows all the maintenance work to keep the 2022 Civic in tip-top shape. For example, the oil was changed once every 10,000 miles or so while the spark plugs were replaced twice – once at 100,690 miles (162,044 kilometres) and the other time at 202,839 miles (326,437 kilometres).

Oddly enough, the same Carfax report shows the car did 10,361 miles (16,674 kilometres) in the first three days. It’s when the oil and filters were changed for the first time, at Rusty Wallis Honda in Dallas, where the Civic was serviced by the first owner. The brake fluid was changed at 50,539 miles (81,334 kilometres) – when the coolant was also replaced – and once again at 202,839 miles (326,437 kilometres).

The complete photo gallery can be found at the source links below, along with the CarFax report.