It's snow season in Colorado, the United States. Unfortunately, the first snow in Denver was catastrophic, causing a huge pileup of cars, the Denver Police Department said in a social media post.

According to the police, about 100 motorists were involved in the massive car crash caused by slick roads due to the first snow, which saw the Denver metro area receiving 5 to 13 cm of snow overnight. 

The pileup on Sixth Avenue caused road closure on both eastbound and westbound lanes at N. Kalamath Street to N. Federal Boulevard.

The police tweeted:

Inoperable or vehicles where motorists were transported to the hospital are being towed to Lot C at Empower Field. Officers are working clear a path for other involved motorists to leave. We appreciate everyone’s patience.


In another social media post, the Denver Police said that the snowstorm wasn't the worst they've seen so far. However, it managed to make the roads slick across the Denver metro area. The police advise motorists to slow down and allow additional travel time due to the weather and heavy traffic caused by the massive pileup.

The crashes weren't isolated on Sixth Avenue. According to The Weather Company, icy roads caused several other crashes within the city. Multivehicle crashes were reported elsewhere, causing the Interstate 25 North ramp to US Highway 36 and a section of Central Park Boulevard to close.

Denver Police has already declared Crash Alert in the city, reminding involved motorists only to call for help if someone is injured or the injury is unknown; the wreck is blocking the streets; city property, vehicles, or personnel are involved; an involved driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol; or a driver fails to provide proof of insurance or driver's license.