We are happy to share the first spy photos showing the interior of the next-generation BMW M5. The performance saloon was recently spied by our photographers with a heavily disguised cabin. Even this very early look at the seats, dashboard, and centre console, however, gives us a very good idea of what the new 2024 M5 will look like from the inside.

Let’s start with the good news. A flat-bottom steering wheel takes centre position in the interior with paddle shifters hiding neatly behind. There are a few physical buttons on the wheel and fine leather with three-colour stitching with the colours of the BMW M brand plus what appears to be a centre marker. The seat design looks comfortable with nice side supports.

Gallery: 2024 BMW M5 new interior, exterior spy photos

There’s also what appears to be a wide curved display on the dashboard. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given how BMW is now installing its latest infotainment system on a growing number of its models. We expect to see the latest version of the iDrive 8 software running on that screen with improved voice commands, better connectivity, and new cloud features. Don’t let the large screen on the passenger side bother you – it’s obviously not part of the vehicle's equipment and is instead used by the test driver to gather and monitor data from the test prototype.

The centre console is home to the round controller for the infotainment system and what looks to be a minimalist gear shifter. We were hoping for a more traditional gear lever on the performance saloon with a codename G90 but it seems that BMW will give it the same design as the rest of the 5 Series lineup.

In the gallery attached above you can see the 2024 M5 spied at two different locations. The closer shots reveal more of the frond-end design of the saloon, including the layout of the daytime running lights integrated into the headlights. The second batch of photos is obviously from the Nurburgring and shows the speedy saloon with less disguise on the front bumper and glowing front disc brakes. The quad exhaust pipes and Electrified Vehicle sticker on the rear bumper, meanwhile, confirm once again the hybridised V8 powertrain that’s hiding under the bonnet.