We can’t blame whoever was driving this Hyundai Genesis Coupe for going too fast. At least from what we are able to see in the footage, however, the driver was totally unprepared for how their own car would react on the wet road. All things considered, at least they only damaged their own vehicle, avoiding hitting other cars and the pole. But what exactly happened? 

This video is now viral on Reddit and shows a black Hyundai Genesis Coupe from the later model years. We can’t identify the exact model year and trim level, though this vehicle has at least a 2.0-litre turbocharged inline-four under the bonnet with either 210 bhp (157 kilowatts) or 256 bhp (191 kW) depending on the year it was produced. If it has the optional V6 powertrain, we are dealing with a sports car that has somewhere between 300 bhp (223 kW) and 348 bhp (260 kW).

Regardless of the mill under the bonnet, the driver of the vehicle somehow lost control on a wet and narrow residential road. We can’t say whether the driver attempted to do something like a drift but some of the users on Reddit suggest the accident was the result of a failed drift attempt. 

From what we are able to see, more likely, the driver lost control due to the wet road and their inadequate reaction to the initial slide of the vehicle.

The accident happened on 19 October and the available video shows the Hyundai Genesis Coupe first hitting the curb with its front wheels. The vehicle then continued to slide and the rear wheels also eventually hit the curb. Thankfully, the car missed the pole, though even the crash with the curb could be enough to make this car a total loss. The damage to the front axle could be minimal but we suppose the same can’t be said about the rear wheels.

What’s the moral of the story? If you don’t feel prepared and comfortable behind the wheel, better slow down, especially if the road is wet. Also, get to know your car better and how it reacts in different situations.