The Toyota bZ3 officially debuts as the second model in the brand's new family of electric models. This four-door EV launches first for the Chinese market and comes from a collaboration with BYD and FAW Toyota.

The bZ3 retains the chiselled nose and upward sweeping light signature from the bZ4X. Toyota describes this as taking inspiration from a hammerhead shark and being a styling cue for all models in the bZ family. The saloon features a flowing roofline that contrasts with the heavily creased rear quarter panels. The body's drag coefficient is a sleek 0.218.

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Inside, the bZ3 has what Toyota calls a "Digital Island" infotainment layout. A tall, portrait-oriented infotainment display dominated the centre stack. It handles the HVAC, stereo, and even the boot release. A dial on the console controls the drive setting. The driver looks at a low-profile digital instrument cluster.

The bZ3 will be capable of over 373 miles (600 kilometres) of range based on the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle. BYD will supply the model's lithium iron phosphate battery. The pack's capacity isn't yet available, but it allegedly retains 90 percent capacity after 10 years. The cooling, control, and safety monitoring systems are new elements for this EV.

Toyota's announcement of the bZ3 doesn't outline the model's powertrain specs. According to earlier info from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, there would be 178-bhp (133-kilowatts) and 238-bhp (178-kW) options. The top speed is limited to 100 miles per hour (160 kilometres per hour).

The table below shows the bZ3's physical dimensions:

Length 186 inches (4,725 millimeters)
Wheelbase 113.4 in. (2,880 mm)
Width 72.24 in. (1,835 mm)
Height 58.07 in. (1,475 mm)
Seating Capacity 5

FAW Toyota will produce the bZ3 in China and will sell the vehicle at its dealers there. According to a report in September, Toyota will possibly sell the electric saloon in Europe starting as soon as early 2024. There's no info available yet about availability in the United States.

Toyota is working on a whole family of bZ models. According to the company's plans, at least six electric models riding on the e-TNGA platform are on the way. The initial strategy is to introduce a compact car, medium crossover, medium saloon, medium MPV, medium SUV, and large SUV.