In 2016, Alfa Romeo began offering a Certificate of Origin designed to document a model’s specifications. The automaker is expanding such services by launching a new heritage programme. It’s called Alfa Romeo Classiche, and it will offer three services: Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Authenticity, and restoration. The programme’s launch will also include a dedicated web portal designed to streamline some of the processes.

Alfa Romeo’s Certificate of Origin will continue certifying the car’s year of production and original configuration. It’ll note the model’s specifications and engine serial number, including interior details and the original exterior. Another part of the programme is the restoration service, which will offer everything from simple maintenance to complete restoration. This will include exterior restoration, mechanical repairs, and final testing

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One step beyond all that is the Certificate of Authenticity, which requires “a rigorous inspection and evaluation process.” A specialized team performs the inspection, which can occur at the Officine Classiche or the customer’s home. Alfa Romeo CEO Jean Philippe Imparato chairs the certification committee, a first for Stellantis, alongside the Head of Heritage department.

According to Imparato, the programme will help the company “enhance our historic automotive heritage.” Alfa Romeo designed Classiche to promote and protect the brand’s history and vehicles. The new programme will receive assistance from the Alfa Romeo Museum, which houses technical documents and production registers.

A new web portal on Alfa’s website will make starting the Certificate of Authenticity and restoration services easier. Alfa claims interested owners will be able to receive all the information and support they need to begin the process.

Automakers are learning that longtime owners matter just as much as new ones and are doing more than ever to support owners who don’t own their latest models. Heritage programmes have popped up at other companies designed to certify and authenticate their models, while others have started restoration programs and other related services.

“While planning for the future, our heritage is always our main source of inspiration,” added Imparato. The company’s past is just as important as its evolutionary future.