To a certain extent, the current BMW X2 looks like a brother from a different mother in the Bavarian company’s lineup.

The smallest crossover from Munich will soon receive a new generation, however, and the first spy photos of pre-production prototypes have shown a major change in the design language is in the cards. Not only that but the new X2 will grow slightly in terms of dimensions and will receive a side profile that reminds us of the bigger X4.

Following the first spy shots, our friends and colleagues at have come up with an exclusive rendering previewing the final design of the new X2. Sure – it’s too early to predict all the little details, but we can at least take a look at the overall picture. And from what we are seeing so far, the small crossover will finally get a more mature design more in line with the rest of BMW’s range.

Gallery: Next-Gen BMW X2 Additional Spy Photos

Bigger grilles, a more aggressive bumper, and headlights with double C-shaped LED daytime running lights – this is a very brief description of what’s hiding underneath the camouflage of the spied prototypes. The front wings/fenders look more muscular and can probably fit larger wheels than before. The wider side skirts and the taller beltline create a visually more robust design, closer to the way the larger X4 and X6 look. As a side note, the new X4 could be cancelled after the current generation.

As far as we know, the X2 will be based on the FAAR platform. This is likely the last generation of the small crossover-coupe that will receive a range of combustion engines and it will likely include the usual crop of BMW three- and four-cylinder gasoline and diesel turbo mills, albeit in electrified form. A hotter M35i trim is also in the cards – our spy photographers caught a prototype testing on the Nurburgring – with a 2.0-litre turbocharged unit generating around 295 bhp (220 kilowatts).

While this rendering depicts the next-gen X2 in a pretty finalised form, we don’t expect the actual debut to occur this year. Our sources tell us the model won’t arrive before the third quarter of next year.